Sunday, August 30, 2009

Here's three of Kiki's babies. At the back is the girl we are keeping, she needs a name soon! then there's the dark boy whom is just my little love right now. And in the front is the complete charmer, he's going to live in San Diego and already has stolen his new mommy's heart. A wonderful litter of kittens, they are just joys to be raising!
This little boy of Kiki's is completely very confident of his appeal! He and his brother are immediately asking for my lap the moment I am in the room, their sisters always follow but the boys are complete lovers. I don't mind ;-)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kiki's babies are on the run!

Kiki's babies (F4C) are very outgoing, sociable and adventurous. Poor Kiki!

At four weeks of age, they have left their birthing crate and are not looking back. They've discovered toys, wrestling and chewing on fingers... they think humans are great jungle gyms. Kiki is ready to have a nervous breakdown but they are ready to take on the world :-)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Also in Cat Fancy...

Imagine our surprise to not only have our precious Daffy featured on the cover of the Cat Fancy magazine, and see her in the article AND the centerfold, but turn that page and there is yet another familiar kitty face!

Dino is our new SBT Savannah stud. This picture was taken at one of his first shows, he was such a cute and personable kitten.

Dino has just proven fertile, he's sired his first litter of babies this month at ~11 months of age! We look forward to seeing how they develop now..

Cat Fancy magazine, August 2009

When a friend showed me her subscription copy of the August issue of Cat Fancy magazine I felt a chill. I knew that cat, it was one of mine!

Daffy was a special kitten, when she was born we intended to keep her and show her. But at her first show, she was too young for the ring but we had her in the benching cages to get used to the show hall atmosphere... Jamie Christian came up saying how he wanted a Savannah to show. He is a very persuasive man! Before I knew it, I'd agreed to let him take her home. He was on the other side of the country (Ohio to my California) and he showed a lot. It was a great opportunity to continue promoting the Savannah breed. But we missed our Daffy girl, she was full of personality!

Every time I'd visit her at a show she'd be loving on me...and the judges...and everyone. Christian insists that she loved him best and I know he was right. He'd say how she was the only cat he'd ever had that danced on her hindlegs to greet him every night at the door... what a cat! Daffy charmed judges and exhibitors, I'd meet folk in California at shows that were introduced to Savannahs by Daffy and I was so proud.

Sadly, Kirembo Dafine Kike of Kingsransom is no longer with us. She tragically fell prey to an upper respiratory infection that progressed so quickly it was not able to be treated in time. She died way too early, and we grieve her still. For her to be immortalized on the cover of Cat Fancy magazine (and centerfold too!) was very special to us all. Daffy was a wonderful Ambassador for the Savannah Breed.