Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baths and Savannahs

Baz is the third generation of Savannahs in this house that love our bathtub... not all Savannahs want to wade in water but some do and when they do they are very very keen on it! Baz is a solid black Savannah, he is Katie's grandson.
This is Khandi, Katie's daughter and also one that enjoys the can actually see a little movie on our website where the water is deep enough she can almost swim in the tub and she thought that fun also. We'd always wondered about that but had been limited by the height of the tub and so it had to be a kitten rather than adult to get the water deep enough.
And the original bath monster here is Katie, she who could even turn those taps on for herself and lead to us having to keep that bathroom's door closed.