Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Katie's girls again

Candy and Lalara looking so cute, I couldn't resist and had to get a pic of them. They're growing up into such lovely girls. Candy is still the sweetest kitten in the world and Lara is a complete pistol of a kitten. Nothing she won't try at least once.

DreamSavannahs Aziza comes home!

JN and I travelled to New Orleans, had a couple very nice days there and then hopped in a car and drove to Tina and Julian's home in Mississippi. We were so excited, we got to meet our Missy's Serval daddy and lovely Savannah mommy, and of course visit with Tina and her great kids. And then we got to take home the coolest "souvenir" ever from a trip, an F1 kitten!

Aziza is amazing, she's perfect of course! Her looks are wonderful but her personality is better. She's exuberant and fun-loving and affectionate. She has the same voice as Missy and a lot of the same mannerisms. It's going to be so much fun having those two in the same house!